The Making of an Author / Illustrator

This presentation explores how Anna found her voice as a writer and illustrator, and how she works with publishers to express it. How does an illustrator create a style? How does an author get ideas? How do you present them to an editor or agent? Before becoming a freelance author and illustrator, Anna worked at a children's book publisher and learned many things about the relationship between publisher and artist, and the way the publishing world functions. Learn about how she integrated this knowledge into her approach to making books and refined it over the years.

Anna will discuss her process in detail, including developing an idea into a story, sketches, paintings, and finally a printed book. She will explain the collaboration that happens as the book is edited, designed, and printed.

This presentation can be specifically geared towards audiences interested in being published themselves or students that are considering illustration or writing as a career path.

45 minutes to an hour
If requested, Anna will include a book reading and signing.

Host provides:
A table to display books and materials
An easel with a large pad of paper
Projector/computer/screen set up for PowerPoint presentation
A mic for large groups