Tips for a Great Visit

Prepping the Kids:

It is essential that the students be familiarized with Anna's books before the day of her visit. This allows her presentation to be more relevant, builds excitement, and gives students some time to come up with questions. This can be done by simply reading her books in the classroom and having a discussion about what an author / illustrator does. Feel free to use her author bio to discuss some of her personal background.

An activity using one of Anna's books can be a great way to prepare for her visit as well. There are a variety of art and book related activities on each book page.

Some great additional suggestions here.


Anna will need a facility that lends itself to a slide show. This could be a library, auditorium, or classroom. Slides can be projected on a screen, white board, or blank wall.

She will also need:

  • A table to display books and materials
  • An easel with a large pad of paper
  • Projector/computer/screen set up for PowerPoint presentation
    (if you do not have one she will bring her own)
  • A mic for large groups