Reviews of Sprout Street Neighbors: Bon Voyage

"Mili and her Sprout Street friends go to Paris. When Mili's life seems dull, she takes inspiration from a print of the Mona Lisa, which she then shows to her animal friends, who jump at the chance to visit Paris. However, as the time for the big trip draws near and then arrives, each friend feels anxious about the upcoming adventure. Henry is afraid he will miss all his books and home possessions. Emma's overfull luggage bursts, leaving her nothing to rely on but Mili's thoughtfulness. Fernando's concerns about the language barrier threaten his enjoyment of the trip. And Wilbur worries about leaving his beloved garden. All the travelers cope with their fears and love seeing the Mona Lisa and the wonders of the Louvre, although Mili feels overwhelmed by her empty sketchbook. How will she ever be like the artists she sees in the museum? Adult animals taking a trip to France may seem like an unlikely topic for a children's book, but Alter's little menagerie displays a familiar constellation of anxieties for readers who are facing change, and the ways they manage those fears are instructive. Gentle black and white sketches adorn most spreads, making this little gem accessible to transitioning readers. Each friend finds what he or she is looking for by traveling, including the fact that there is no place quite as sweet as home, in this sympathetic tale. "
Kirkus Reviews

"In this third installment, the Sprout Street neighbors are inspired by the Mona Lisa to visit Paris, ooh-la-la! Getting there is half the battle for some, but they have a wonderful time along the way, eventually visiting the Louvre. While some friends are afraid to leave home, others can’t wait to get there and have new experiences; all of the neighbors have different outlooks and individual quirks that are embraced and celebrated. The story is gentle and similar to others in the series, with short, episodic chapters and many illustrations scattered throughout. With its tongue-in-cheek humor and emphasis on kindness, this title would be a good read-aloud for classrooms or a solid option for one-on-one bedtime sharing. Previous knowledge of the series is not necessary to enjoy this title. VERDICT This latest installment is bound to be in demand where the series is popular."
Melissa Bailey, School Library Journal

"Mili, who loves to travel, plans a trip to Paris. Though reluctant to leave their familiar surroundings and beloved activities behind, her five neighbors join her. In Paris, they find new ways to explore their favorite pursuits. Fernando enjoys a dance group in the park, and Wilbur, an avid gardener, discovers topiary, while Mili and Violet find inspiration at the Louvre. The glossary will help readers sort out the meanings and pronunciations of the French terms sprinkled through the text. Throughout the book, black-and-white illustrations underscore the gentle humor of the story. A satisfying addition to the Sprout Street Neighbors series of beginning chapter books."
Carolyn Phelan, Booklist