Reviews of Sprout Street Neighbors: A New Arrival

"For the mild-mannered, dressed-animal residents at the 24 Sprout Street apartment building, the arrival of a new neighbor is an event. It doesn’t take long for Mili to settle in, but getting to know the others comes more slowly. The animal characters are individuals, going their own ways and struggling with their own dilemmas, but they help and accept one another. Written with a light touch, the second volume in the Sprout Street Neighbors series offers insights into friendship, independence, and compromise. As an episodic narrative for transitional readers or for reading aloud to younger children, this expressively illustrated six-chapter book has its own quiet charm."
Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

"The Sprout Street neighborhood is shaken up by the arrival of a new resident.

Mili, short for Mililani, has just moved from Hawaii to Sprout Street. Mili is excited to move into the long-vacant apartment 2B and is eager to meet her new neighbors, but there are a few bumps to her transition. Violet is a little nervous because Mili might be more of an artist than she is. Emma wants to be Mili’s friend but realizes that Mili enjoys “me time.” Henry is worried when the neighborhood needs to decide whether to change the color of their building or not, and he finds himself on the other side of the color argument from Mili. And so it goes until all the neighbors realize that they can be themselves and be friendly with Mili at the same time. In the final chapter, Mili has some second thoughts about moving to the wintry climate. She indulges in a little self-pity but comes around when her friends have a New Year’s party, Hawaii-style. The six illustrated chapters are at just the right level for new readers looking for a little bit of a challenge. Alter is beginning to flesh out her animal characters in this second installation, so readers of the first book will enjoy finding out how they change and develop.

Good friends and familiar situations will make readers feel at home in this second volume of the series. "
Kirkus Reviews

"Six episodic chapters follow the residents of 24 Sprout Street as they welcome a new neighbor from Hawaii. Each neighbor relates a small adventure like sharing breakfast with a friend, voting on a new house paint color, or navigating snowy day grocery shopping. With small black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page, these sweet adventures are perfect for fans of Arnold Lobel’s “Frog & Toad” series or Cynthia Rylant’s “Poppleton” series who are ready for longer chapter books." *
School Library Journal