Snowed in

New England got hit with a big storm this weekend, some of us are still digging out! It took us a bit by surprise, it is October after all, so we were a bit underprepared for loosing our power and water. Still, it was very pretty out here in the country. Tilda just stared and stared.

That lump in the yard is a picnic table.

It was surreal seeing the yellow and red fall leaves underneath all that snow.

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy!

First Holga shots

Here are some portraits of Bruno from my first roll of Holga film. I'm still experimenting with it, which so far has been really, really fun. I spend so much time planning and crafting my illustrations, its liberating to make pictures that I have so little control over. With a toy plastic camera its anybody's guess how your picture will come out. I'm also enjoying the anticipation of not seeing the image right away. Remember the excitement of going to pick up a roll of film?

On my desk while I paint Desmond

Just went brush shopping. Trying out Windsor Newton Sceptre Gold since they were out of the Galeria line I am used to. So far so good.

Books for painting inspiration. Ora Eitan and Polly Dunbar. Helping to keep loose and reminding me what colors I love.

Did you know white hydrangea turn pink in the fall? I didn't. They are all over the place in Northampton, big heavy blossoms weighing down their branches. Bringing the outside in since I am in the final stretch (no more breaks).