Book Birthday

If I'm being honest, working in my studio since November has been challenging. I've been thinking a lot about what kind of contribution I want to make. This winter, I worked on the first draft of the fourth Sprout Street Neighbors book. I wrote it, pulled it apart, and pieced it together again many times, looking for some way to weave in the political and social events quaking around us. But every time I tried to work in these big issues, the writing came off as preachy and the plot wouldn't come together.

Today, the third book in the series is on bookshelves. It's the book birthday for Sprout Street Neighbors: Bon Voyage, a book about traveling to a new place, both the anxiety and discovery that goes along with it. It is not a book about the complicated world we live in. But it is about a world we could create, if we wanted to. I will keep wrestling with telling stories about the struggles going on around us and maybe they will find their way into the next book. But in the meantime, I hope these stories will give kids a place to be understood and help them think of others with a generous heart.