Furball Friday: National Cat Day

Did you know today was National Cat Day? I was made aware of this glorious fact by Jama Rattigan, who is hosting a bunch of us authors and our feline companions on her blog today. I love reading about everyone's love affairs with their felines!

When Jama first asked me to participate, I thought getting a picture with George and Wilbur would be no problem. I quickly learned this was not the case:

While they are quite loving, snuggly cats, they do not like to be picked up at the same time. Nor do they like to pose when not in the mood. Finally I remembered I had this picture from their kittenhood:

It is the ONLY picture where they have permitted me to pose with them. Thanks guys.

Here is how George and Wilbur are celebrating this special day:

(Note: that is George's HIND paw hanging out of the bed. Ha.)