September in San Francisco

Finally after weeks of using Bruno's laptop I have my mac up and running again, with many pictures to upload of our adventures over the past few weeks. Here are some highlights:

This is the view from our hilltop apartment in Pacific Heights. We'll be moving again shortly, but its been nice to take in the view each day.

George likes to take it in too. Most of the time when we come home we see our cats sitting in the window, looking out over the city.

This is what our street looks like, lots of beautiful big Edwardians.

One day a couple weeks in we hiked up the hilly streets in our neighborhood towards the Marina, this is the view from the top of a hill so steep it had to have stairs. I love that you can glimpse the ocean from so many places in this city.

Bougainvillea is all over the place.

And the architecture around here is just so amazing.

So are the cream puffs. These are from a nearby bakery called Pacific Puffs. Mmmm. I would like one right now please.