More about the Eyewitness Reports Art Auction

As I mentioned last week, we are fast approaching the beginning of a fabulous fundraiser begun by fellow author/illustrator Dan Santat. The Eyewitness Reports Art auction will benefit 826LA, an incredible literacy organization that helps kids become better writers through tutoring and other programs.

826 was begun by Dave Eggers, and has locations in many cities around the country. All have awesome fundraising stores attached to them... LA has a Robot Repair and Supply Store, and the one in Boston quite near where I used to live was called The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute.

Anyhow Dan has paired up with them to launch a very clever fundraiser. He sent the manuscript for this new book, OH NO! written by Mac Barnett, to a variety of us illustrator pals to make our own interpretation of the story (which is about a girl who invents a robot for the science fair, who then wreaks havoc on the town). The results are dozens of pieces of art that show different sides of the same event. You can see the results here!

The art will be auctioned on ebay in two batches, one beginning on August 23rd and one on the 30th, with all proceeds going to 826LA. I'll post links as soon as the art is up. Winners get their own piece of original and an official police report by each artist!

You can find updates about the auction on its blog here, and read more about Dan and his new book on one of my favorite kidlit blogs here.