BRG Weekend

This weekend some of us BRG met up in Libby's new place in Stonington, CT, a small coastal village with water on three sides. The town looks like it comes right out of a children's novel with its sweet little manicured gardens, historic houses from the 1700's, and city center with an old church whose bell rings to mark every hour. Alvina will have better pictures (as is usually the case), but I got a couple on a walk by the water:

We ate gelato and sang happy birthday to Grace and wandered along crooked rock walls. A nice break from painting to say the least. Some topics discussed:

*If you could wish for any other author or illustrator or editor's career, whose would it be (that is who has a path you relate to and hope for)?

*What are the differences between a chapter book and a middle grade novel?

*Do most writers have just a small number of truly great books in them? Does it matter?

What do you think?