Reach Out and Read

Did you know that more than 60% of low-income families in the U.S. have ZERO children’s books in their homes? So sad. Thank goodness for programs like Reach Out and Read, a fabulous organization that brings books and authors to the kids that need them.

I did a school visit with them a couple of years ago and it was an amazing experience... picture a gymnasium full of preschoolers paying rapt attention to a thirty minute book reading and presentation (this is not a statement about my presentation skills, but rather that they were so hungry for this kind of thing). Kids stopped me in the hallways to say how excited they were to have an author in their school. I received the biggest stack of thank you letters and drawings and handmade books I've ever seen, they still sit proudly in my studio. Honestly it was one of the most touching and worthwhile school visits I've ever done.

Anyways, they are up for a grant for 250k from Pepsi. Click here to vote for them! Its a truly worth cause. The contest ends this Sunday (the 28th).

NOTE: When you follow the link to Pepsi and click “Vote”, you’ll be asked to log in. Once you do that, you need to click “Vote” once more for your vote to actually count!