Yesterday I did my first Skype classroom visit with a kindergarten class in Colorado, so fun! I'm new to Skype, but started getting requests for "virtual visits" so I got an account and am trying it out.

Things I liked:

I did not have to get on a plane.
The kids were all super excited.
The asked adorable questions like "how do you stay in the lines?"

Things that were confusing:

Where to look. I kept moving between looking at my computer camera, the screen where I could see the kids, and the picture of me so that I could make sure the book I was reading was in the frame. Strange.

Cute moment:

The kids filed one by one to the computer to ask me a question after I read Abigail Spells. But they didn't know to look at the camera, so they stood with their bellies at camera height. It was hard to keep from giggling as one belly after another moseyed up to the camera. Kids are so cute.