Made by hand: buttons

Since I posted about the buttons I'm making for Abigail Spells below, I thought I'd add another installment in the Made by Hand series, in case you are dying to know more about the crafts we undertook for our wedding :)

We made little bunny buttons for our guests, similar to the ones I'll be making for Abigail... they aren't exactly made by hand, but they were designed by me and a lot of fun to put together. First I sketched these bunnies:

Next I scanned them into Photoshop and filled them in with color:

I sent the file off to Pure Buttons and a week or so later had these in my hands:

We set them out on the gift table with the napkins, expecting folks to take them.

What we didn't realize is that our guests would all put them on and wear them throughout the wedding! In retrospect I guess that was kind of obvious. But still, it was a nice surprise to come out and see a crowd of people all bunny-clad...

Photos © Kelly Lorenz