Made by hand: paper cranes

More wedding craft talk! I am almost through our craft-y wedding details, I hope you won't mind me indulging me a few more posts... if you're not into weddings though, please do skip ahead.

An element of our handmade wedding that was especially meaningful were the strings of origami cranes created by my mother and our guests. This was a spontaneous project in that I had been so distracted by the rest of my wedding planning that I'd neglected giving much thought to decorating the ceremony site. Fortunately my mom loves to make cranes and has been doing it since I was a kid, so we picked up some pretty origami sheets on our way up to the wedding site.

The day before the wedding everyone pitched in to help with great enthusiasm. Before long we had a rotating table of crane-makers, instructed by my mom, working late into the evening.

She takes her crane making very seriously; there were breathing techniques applied and lots of careful mental focus. As exhibited here by Alvina (fellow Blue Rose Girl), very sweetly at work.

The next day the cranes were carefully strung together (here the mother of the groom does some stringing).

Our photographer, Kelly Lorenz, got some beautiful shots of them as they were assembled,

hung from our wedding tree,

and around the edge of the tent.

It was so lovely to be surrounded by little works of art made by our friends and family as we got married.