Made by hand: table numbers

Last week I began posting about some of the handmade wedding crafts I worked on for our wedding. This week I thought I'd tell you about the making of our reception table numbers.

When we started planning last fall, I spent a lot of time poking around on the web for ideas and discovered this beautiful wedding on Design Sponge. I used it as inspiration for a number of elements on our tables. I especially loved the idea of using tree stumps as a way to display the table numbers- it fit perfectly with our rustic, crafty wedding.

Then I got lucky. When we were picking out our Christmas tree I spotted a pile of sawed off tree stumps in the corner of the lot that were headed for the trash. Score!

A little sawing and filing and we had a place to put cards or signs or whatever we needed to display.

Next we needed the table number cards. I like to save my old calenders for just such a project. My very favorite one is by Snow & Graham.

I picked out two patterns that matched our chartreuse table runners and the napkin patterns (such as the yellow and grey pattern below).

Then sliced them up into 4 x 5" cards.

Next I printed out the table numbers on my inkjet printer and glued them to the back side.

They fit in the tree stumps perfectly.

I love how they looked on the tables with the flower arrangements, which were made by my very hard working friends (more on that later).

Planning the tables was my favorite wedding project, SO much fun.