Evolution of a sketch

In one of the scenes in Disappearing Desmond the new kid at school (Gloria) keeps noticing Desmond, despite his efforts to keep out of sight. Here is the evolution of that sketch.

At first my idea was to have Desmond hiding in a bush, fruitlessly shielding himself with a branch, and Gloria turning to notice him:

Then I thought it might be better visually for them to be on different planes, with Desmond up in a tree and Gloria down on the ground, to underscore their different frames of mind (Gloria being extroverted, and Desmond being introverted):

But something still didn't feel right... so I flipped the image of Desmond so that Gloria notices him as she passes. I thought this better showed how effortlessly Gloria sees him (she doesn't turn and is not looking right at him), which tells us about who she is and tells us more about him, that his efforts at hiding are in vain: