Small Graces auction

As many of you know, Grace Lin has very generously founded yet another amazing charity event: the Small Graces auction to benefit the Foundation for Children's Books and the very worthwhile work that they do bringing authors into underfunded schools. Each month Grace auctions off an illustrated proverb on ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the FCB.

It might seem like an author visit to a school is a luxury and not a necessity. But it has been my experience that these visits go a long way towards promoting literacy and the arts. An author visits gets kids excited about reading and writing in a way that is truly unique. Many schools these days have little time to explore creative arts, I've been to classrooms where my visit was the only exposure to the arts the kids would have all year.

I'll be visiting a school in Chelsea this spring through their program and I can't wait, there is nothing like speaking to a group of kids who are hungry to learn about books and art and so rarely get the chance. I am humbled and delighted to be able to visit these kids.

This month Grace has offered me a way to participate in her project. I have donated my own illustrated proverb, to be auctioned on ebay from Monday, April 13th to Friday, April 17th.

As soon as I read the below proverb, I knew it would be perfect for an illustration of Abigail and George from Abigail Spells. I hope the painting is worthy of all the time and energy Grace has put into the project, and hope you will support the FCB by bidding on April 13th! There will be a link to bid at the Small Graces site, and I will post one here too.